Alden 14717 Black Calfskin Chukka

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Alden 14717 Black Calfskin Chukka

Alden Special "Bootmaker Edition" Chukka - Rare - MADE IN USA!

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 9 Medium (D, M)
  • End: 2017-03-17 9:39 PM
  • Duration: 4 days, 21 hr, 30 min
  • $200.00 Sold
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MADE IN THE USA! Special ”Bootmaker Edition” Alden Chukka from Shoemart. ”Hard to Find”  FREE LUXURY SHOE TREES These shoes were handcrafted in the USA by a company that has survived a long history of economic assault by the foreign shoe trade, using cheap manufacturing methods, sometimes slave labor. Alden has stayed true to American values and its workers, making some of the best footwear money can buy. Sure, today's foreign-manufactured shoes cost about half as much, or less than Aldens. But with even those cost savings, most modern, foreign-made shoes are junk - worn a while and then thrown away. Even Ralph Lauren's ”Purple” brand doesn't often match up. And the rest of his other ”labeled” brand is made elsewhere for pennies and sold at an astronomical markup. Seriously, a ”Polo” shirt made in China or elsewhere and sold at Sam's Club! You can easily pay $150 for a pair of Nikes, and then have to toss them in the trash after about one year. Soles are glued on, heat treated and otherwise attached quickly by machines without any sewing and so on. It is nearly impossible to get a modern shoe resoled by a cobbler, that is if you can find one that is still in business. So, not only has the foreign shoe trade put American shoemakers out of business, but many American cobblers have been ruined by cheap, mass produced shoes! Fortunately, I have at least one cobbler nearby that can service my Aldens. They will last many years and can be maintained by a competent cobbler, should you wish to resole them. Alden also offers a cobbler service. These chukkas have been maintained with what is arguably the best shoe care product in the world, Saphir. That includes Saphir Renovateur, as well as Saphir Pommadier Cream Shoe Polish. The good news is that these shoes are nearly new. You can still see the linear grading on the soles. The heels have protectors in them, which are nearly new. The interior marking are still shiny gold with little or no sign of wear. These chukkas have been rotated with several other pairs of shoes and stored in-between with one of the best shoe trees you can find -- marked as Woodlore but the same as those marked as Allen Edmonds. I also have several pairs of Allen Edmonds. I have to say that Alden is better manufactured than Allen Edmonds. The latter has a number of more stylish designs and often introduces new ones. But quality control is lacking, and they are not nearly as perfect as Aldens. What makes these a ”special” Alden shoe? These were apparently ”specially” manufactured for Shoemart. And the shoes were marketed as a ”Bootmaker Edition.” That is the name they literally gave them, and they are identified as such on the inside. Why Shoemart or Alden chose that word, I have no idea. Bottom line... If you know Alden, then you know they are in-themselves ”special.” I would not have otherwise bought them. What is special about a Rolls Royce or a Maserati? And do the accouterments (or lack thereof) make them significantly more or less special? They are still quite ”special,” especially given their provenance. Porsche has long made cars without A/C, but did that deter buyers from purchasing them? Or did the lack of A/C make those Porsches any less special?
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