Alden 3725 Camel Suede Boat

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Alden 3725 Camel Suede Boat

One Design Alden Offshore Tan Suede Boat Shoes Men's 10.5C

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 10.5 C
  • End: 2020-07-11 4:51 PM
  • Duration: 13 days, 17 hr, 5 min
  • $79.95 Sold
  • Times Listed: 1
Measurements on these shoes are: (in inches) Insole: 10 3/4 Toe to Heel of the Sole: 12 Width at the Widest Point of the Sole: 4 1/4 If for ANY reason you are not completely happy with your purchase PLEASE contact us. We will work with you. We want this to be a pleasant experience for you. We assure you that if there is any sort of problem with your item we will do our best to resolve it in a way that results in your satisfaction. We will always go above & beyond to make sure your feet end up in a quality, good-looking pair of shoes. This is not only a SMART place to spend your money, but also a SAFE place to spend your money. If you give us the chance you'll be happy with your decision to SHOP OUR STORE! If you need MEASUREMENTS, please feel free to ask. We are happy to answer and will answer as quickly as we can.Shipping: Most listings will offer 2 shipping options: one option is shipping by weight. However, if you are pretty far away from the DFW area, this will not be a great option for you. The other option is a Flat Rate Box. This can sometimes be a more economical option. Both options are Priority Mail; you will be able to track your shipment & you will receive your shoes in the same amount of time with both options. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding shipping.International Shipping is handled through Global Shipping only.Most items ship withing 24 hours or less of payment being received. We are so confident in our product that we will gladly accept your return and pay return shipping if you are unhappy with your shoes. Our Goal is to offer a variety of Attractive, Quality, Vintage, Unique, Stylish, Practical, Useful, Shoes, Boots and products that, you will forget you didn't buy new... Or..your feet will Thank You for NOT buying them new. LOL!!! But Seriously..We also often offer New items or items that have VERY LITTLE use on them and are not far from new . We especially enjoy selling shoes and items that were so well made that they were designed to be resoled or serviced or repaired when the time comes which increases the return on your investment exponentially. Unfortunately in Our World Today most things are made to be disposable, out of inferior materials that don't take restitching, gluing or even a good buffing very well, forcing you to again buy a product meant to have a very short life span. And the cycle continues. At the end of the day we try to bring you a variety of items you need or want at a more than significant savings. In most cases we save our customers, easily, 50-80% compared to retail and you still end up with a Superior Product. In MOST cases, we sell pre-owned, shoes, that by definition are not perfect. We do, however, strive to offer a QUALITY product that with a little TLC, or maybe even a trip to the cobbler, will be an Attractive, Reliable, Quality product for you. I do my best to inspect my items before I offer them to my eBay community and offer you my Honest Opinion regarding the condition of the item, but pictures are an important part of my item description. I try to take pictures from may angles which will usually answer any question you might have. Please look closely at ALL pics and form your own opinion of the item. If you still have ANY question about the condition of the item please ask us We'll be Happy to reply. We want you to be Happy With Your Purchase.We also, often offer a Mud Run/Car Wash/Errand Day/Projects around the House, level shoe. These are Attractive, Quality Shoes that have many miles left in them for when you need something you're not afraid to get wet or dirty. From time to time, we might add a drop of glue to a shoe when needed for a minor repair. We have worked hard to perfect our craft and make these repairs lasting & effective.The case for buying your footwear from me is not a difficult one to make. For the price of a bargain brand shoe, you are getting an Attractive, High Quality, Comfortable Shoe, that, in my honest estimation will last you much longer than that pair of bargain brand shoes, Purchased New!! Get your quality shoes from me, and save your money for more important get the idea. In order to speak to the brands we sell here I eventually bought a new pair of the higher end brands that I hadn't owned new before. I like them.... NOW. About a year later and after using a shoe stretcher on them,(I couldn't stand it any more!, My little Piggies were Screaming!!). Now, with the personal knowledge I have of this level of shoe, and having handled possibly hundreds of this and other high end brands of shoes and boots, I can confidently say that I would only buy these pre-owned and broken in, even if I had to re-sole them... I HAVE in FACT bought several PAIRS of BOOTS and SHOES I had to resole before I wore them and have NEVER regretted my investment and I assure u My feet are ALWAYS happy with this process!! LOL!!! I pass this personal knowledge on to fellow eBayers.
Alden 3725 Alden Boat Shoe Alden Camel Suede Alden Boat Alden Suede Camel Suede Suede Boat Shoe Alden 3725 Boat Shoe Alden 3725 Boat is built on the Van last. The model has a camel Suede leather upper with a rubber outsole.
Alden 3725 Camel Suede Boat

Mens Camel Suede Leather Boat Shoes ALDEN OffShore Sz 7.5 Made in USA

  • Condition: New without box
  • Size: 7.5 Wide (E,W)
  • End: 2017-06-15 12:24 PM
  • Duration: 11 days, 22 hr, 32 min
  • $61.49 Sold
  • Times Listed: 12
Hello, This Auction is for a pair of Authentic ALDEN OFFSHORE, One Design, Made in USA, Suede Leather, Deck/Boat Shoes. They are size 7.5 E US, Camel color, Nice and Comfortable. These Shoes are new without box, there is no wear to the soles with 100% of life left on them. The upper leather is in great condition, the insoles are 10.55” long, the soles are 11.1” long and 3.75” wide. Thank you for looking, please Check out my other items!Please read our Shipping and Return Policies Before Bidding Please note that all shoes are shipped via USPS priority mail. Shipping charges listed are reflective of the weight of the shoes listed and an average of the price to send them to different places in US. I DO NOT make money on shipping, and the charge listed in auction description is typically within about $.50 to $1.00, sometimes in my favor sometimes in yours. As I do all my packing and shipping once daily, this cuts down the amount of time needed to address each individual box. It also includes tracking which can sometimes become an issue with USPS. The good news which you'll soon find out if you bid, is that you get your stuff really fast. Please take the shipping charge into consideration BEFORE bidding. I am finding an increasing number of complaints regarding my shipping charges which are in almost every instance exactly the amount that was paid. If you think it's too high, then please refrain from bidding on this item.. Also be advised that we maintain a no return policy. It is important to consider this before placing your bid, in order to help you decide whether or not you'd like to enter into business with us. We would advise you to be familiar with the shoes you are bidding as different manufacturers' sizes run differently. Make sure you know your size and width in the brand of shoe you are bidding on. If you are unclear on our description you may request additional pictures, measurements or details before placing your bid. We do not encourage anybody to use this as an opportunity to try a brand of shoes that they are unfamiliar with as we will not issue refunds based on the way the shoes fit or feel on your feet. Also, we do our best to describe color, but colors may look different on your monitor, so unless we list it as a totally different color, please don't ask for a refund because it's not the exact color you saw on your monitor screen. If we make a mistake in our listing details such as size or condition, please contact us within 3 days of receiving them and let us know your concerns. We do not expect you to pay for our mistakes. Likewise, we don't expect to have to pay for yours, so make sure you know what you are bidding on. Thank you. Track Page Views WithAuctiva's FREE Counter
Alden 3725 Alden Boat Shoe Alden Camel Suede Alden Boat Alden Suede Camel Suede Suede Boat Shoe Alden 3725 Boat Shoe