Alden 4315CY Black Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Dover

Additional Model Details:

  • Plaza Last (true to size)

  • Commando Outsole

  • 360 Pre-Stitched Reverse Welt

  • Extended Welt Sole

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Alden 4315CY Black Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Dover

Mint Alden Black Shell Cordovan Plain-Toe Blucher 9 B / D

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 9 B
  • End: 2015-12-16 3:04 PM
  • Duration: 1 days, 11 hr, 1 min
  • $249.99 Not Sold
  • Times Listed: 1
Size: 9 B / D Material: Black Shell Cordovan Condition: 9 of 10 Bags Included Description: Mint Alden Black Shell Cordovan Plain- Toe Blucher Guaranteed Authentic. Money-Back Guarantee Please pay within 7 days or a non-paying bid will be filed. If there is some extenuating circumstance, I would be glad to comply as long as you let me know ahead of time. Please note: Shoe trees and accessories are not included unless stated in auction. PAYMENT & SHIPPING: Shipping is usually done through USPS Priority Mail. Delivery Confirmation is standard. Tracking numbers are given upon request.I can ship other methods for an extra fee. Combined shipping is offered: 2nd pair: 50% off 3rd pair: 75% off, 4th and greater pairs: free Trees are not included unless mentioned. International Shipping Costs: Canada-$30 Europe-$45 Asia & Australia-$50 Please see my About Me page for further details and be sure to add me to your Favorite Sellers.
Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY
Alden 4315CY Black Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Dover

Alden Custom Black Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher 11.5 B/D Commando Sole

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 11.5 B/D
  • End: 2015-11-12 4:50 PM
  • Duration: 2 days, 15 hr, 12 min
  • $200.00 Sold
  • Times Listed: 1
This is a pair of custom shoes from Alden of Carmel (google it - style AF66). They are Shell Cordovan and have added a thin ”commando sole” on the leather. These are bullet proof shoes with the added flexibility of being weather resistant and additional traction without the heft of a lug sole.  Size 11.5 B/D. Built on the Plaza last.  Alden shoes are already hard to come by, but these are customized by a handful of dedicated craftsmen and sold only through this unique small store in Carmel, California.  The shoes are over 10 years old, but have not been worn in the past 6 years (due to a foot injury, I now need a 12 instead of 11.5).  They will last a lifetime, and can be rebuilt by any good shoe craftsman when they get to that point (and several years of occasional wear, alternating with other shoes, has not gotten them close to that point yet).  The leather outer is near perfect, and the soles are used but in no way worn out. I would say that the lugs on the bottom have seen 25% wear in the front, and 20% in the rear. The leather under the lugs has obviously never touched the ground.  As noted in the photo, a few threads in the front of one of the soles have come loose and will need to be watched. A spot of mild glue will hold it and still allow the soles to be replaced later.  These shoes are built like tanks. They hold a high polish, and have just been polished. Don't miss out on the chance to get what is now a $682 pair of custom Alden shoes for a steal. 
Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY Alden 4315CY