Alden 5181 Black Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Bal

Additional Model Details:

  • Hampton Last (true to size)

  • Single Leather Outsole

  • 270 Flat Welt

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Alden Black Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Balmoral size 7 (Genuine Horween) Made in USA

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 7 E
  • Start: 2022-01-15 8:01 PM
  • 499.99 EUR Active
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Alden Black Shell Cordovan Cap Toe Balmoral Size 7 (E width). In Germany, these would be called 'Oxford' shoes. Seller purchased this pair of shoes in 2016 from 'Budapester Berlin', which is a luxury shoe store established in 1939. Apparently, this model is a make-up manufactured by Alden of New England to the exact specifications of the Berlin based store. As such, sizing is ambiguous, as the store itself uses UK sizing for its products while Alden—for obvious reasons—applies US sizing. This means that it is not certain whether this pair of shoes is size UK7E or US7E. Seller can report from individual experience that this shoe does feel quite tight compared to his pair of Alden's iconic 563 tassel loafers, which Seller owns in size US7.5E. Seller vowed to himself that these shoes only be worn inside office buildings, where Seller spent his pre-pandemic career as a lawyer in international law firms. Seller abided by this commitment without exception. These shoes were worn for a total of about 8 hours, i. e. only during high level conferences at the respective premises of the law firms. The Goodyear Welted soles are in pristine condition. They show little to no wear at all. These shoes were always stored on non lasted shoe trees that fit the shape of the shoe well. A Pair of original beige soft cloth bags is included. Box not included. Laces are the original ones that have come with these shoes. Seller fully intends that Buyer be happy with their purchase. As such, Buyer is granted a 14 day return option. Returns will only be accepted if the shoes are completely unused or only used for a fitting on a carpet floor without excess wear specifically to the soles and toe area, i. e. no returns are accepted if returned with creases to the leather or similar signs of wear. Seller has received more than 250 positive ratings selling items on ebay. No negative or neutral ratings = rate of 100%. Proof:
Alden 5181 Alden Straight Tip Bal Shoe Alden Black Shell Cordovan Alden Straight Tip Bal Alden Shell Cordovan Black Shell Cordovan Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Bal Shoe Alden 5181 Straight Tip Bal Shoe Alden 5181 Straight Tip Bal is built on the Hampton last. The model has a Horween Black Shell Cordovan leather upper with a single leather outsole. Alden 5181 Black Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Bal Alden 5181