Alden 8114 Brown Calfskin and Brown Suede U-Throat Bal

Additional Model Details:

  • Hampton Last (true to size)

  • Single Leather Outsole

  • 270 Flat Welt

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Alden 09187 Snuff Suede Plain Toe Boot

Rare Alden X AAAC Wingtip Spectator Collaboration 8114 9 1/2 9.5 D New Sold Out

  • Condition: New
  • Size: 9.5 Medium (D, M)
  • End: 2016-09-13 5:49 PM
  • Duration: 258 days, 2 hr, 28 min
  • $388.00 Sold
  • Times Listed: 2
Never worn, ultra rare Ask Andy About Clothes and Alden collaboration with Leather Soul.  These sold out very quickly a long time ago.  On the Hampton Last these calf skin and snuff suede wingtip spectator is a sure fire head turner.  Size 9.5 D.  Get them while they last.  Never to be seen again.  Perfect to for fall!
Alden 8114 Alden U-Throat Bal Shoe Alden Brown Calfskin Alden U-Throat Bal Alden Calfskin Brown Calfskin Calfskin U-Throat Bal Shoe