Alden 8798 Color 8 Shell Cordovan V-Tip Blucher

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597 / Alden Code van V chip Dark Bar Gundy US8E Barry Last Japan Used rare mas2

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 8.0E
  • End: 2018-11-12 1:01 PM
  • Duration: 30 days
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No longer need to explain, ALDEN's pronoun code van shoes. This time in Hawaii 's famous shop, bespoke by LeatherSoul / 8798 of V - chip which is a big classic of double name, the color is Dark Bar Gundy, the size is US 8.0 E. It is a finest product only used five times. If you went to Honolulu in Hawaii you definitely wanted to purchase it for yourself as an item / shop No. 1! It is a famous shop boasting tremendous popularity! In the double name, there are considerable popularity as to arrange the shoulder with ”THE ALDEN SHOP OF ~”. There is also a name value called ALDEN which is unique gloss of cordovan, it becomes addictive if you get it once! ! The cordovan owner keeps wearing it for at least 10 to 20 years while repairing it, a relationship of things for a lifetime. Number of times of use: 5th best product, GOOD condition. - Upper: There are fine threads accompanying normal use, but it is in a beautiful state. Since wearing jiwa is also almost not attached, aging is possible according to your own foot type from now on. · Insole: There is little coloration as a whole, it is clean, there is not a tear etc. There is not thread of heel part. The logo remains about 100% neatly left and right. · Sole: Threading of sewing thread is buried with normal use, but you can see about 95%. Toe is a way of decreasing the number of uses. · Heal: We have never exchanged. Exchange is still earlier. To the end, it is second - hand goods, please refrain from purchasing more nervous one. Size: US 8.0 (= UK 7.5, guideline JP 26.0 - 26.5 cm) Model number: 8798 Total length: 29.3 cm Maximum width: 10.7 cm Uz: E (for Japanese people) Last: Barry Last ● Color: # 8, Dark Bar Gundee ● Material: Code van
Alden 8798 Alden V-Tip Blucher Shoe Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan Alden V-Tip Blucher Alden Shell Cordovan Color 8 Shell Cordovan Leathersoul LSW Shell Cordovan V-Tip Blucher Shoe Alden 8798 V-Tip Blucher Shoe Alden 8798 V-Tip Blucher is built on the Barrie last. The model has a Horween Color 8 Shell Cordovan leather upper with a single leather outsole. Alden 8798 Color 8 Shell Cordovan V-Tip Blucher Alden 8798