Alden D6855 Navy Chromexcel Demi Boot

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Alden Navy CXL Demi Boots(6 eyelets chukka) 8.5D Barrie with trees

  • Condition: New with defects
  • Size: 8.5 D
  • End: 2021-01-27 9:48 AM
  • Duration: 38 days, 6 hr, 55 min
  • $300.00 Not Sold
  • Times Listed: 4
Alden Navy Chromexcel CXL Demi Boots (6 eyelets chukka) 8.5D Barrie. Condition is 'New with defects'. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Brand new factory seconds from TSM in the white box. The defect shown on pic which is a 2/3 inch nick on the left shoe. Nice shade of navy. I own several pairs made of navy cxl and this pair have the finest color among them IMHO, however they are too big for me. Barrie lastHorween Navy Chromexcel leather360 degree flat weltDouble waterlock leather sole (oiled leather sole)Antique edge and welt Model D6855 made in Nov 2016 With a pair of vintage alden shoe tree.
Alden D6855 Alden Demi Boot Alden Navy Chromexcel Alden Demi