Alden M7409F Milkshake Suede Plain Toe Dover

Additional Model Details:

  • Barrie Last (runs 1/2 size larger)

  • Single Flex Welt Waterlock Leather Outsole

  • 360 Pre-Stitched Reverse Welt

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Alden M7409F Milkshake Suede Plain Toe Dover

Alden x Frans Boone Unlined Milkshake Suede Plain Toe Blucher Bucks 9 E Sold Out

  • Condition: Pre-owned
  • Size: 9 E
  • End: 2022-10-29 5:02 PM
  • Duration: 41 days, 20 hr, 2 min
  • $350.00 Sold
  • Times Listed: 3
Sold out from Frans Boone (at $740). Perfect for Summer. From their site: ”The way to go for an unlined suede plain toe blucher is this one; Milk shake suede; sometimes hard to get and this time we were at front row, so we could offer and re stock several make ups. This one is our first time and it beggs to be beaten up, make me dirty! I love it! wear me, hit me! Sorry, editing is just a human thing. Anyway, this great light colored pair of summer shoes arrived right away in our top 5, you may decide it yourself, but if you are in to this style, don't send us mails for a re stock at the end of this summer, it might take a serious while. But one thing is sure, these are for dandy's with flannels in winter, or for the cool guys in summer with ancle cut off jeans. On an oiled flex sole, barrie last, unlined suede.” TOE TO HEEL - 12 1/5” (measured at bottom sole) TOE TO HEEL - 11” (measured inside) WIDTH - 4 1/5” (measured at widest point of bottom sole)
Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F Alden M7409F